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Maritime Smart Sensor Data Space X

Establishing a holistic digital ecosystem of the ocean. A Gaia-X project.

Objective of Marispace-X

Marispace-X will create a digital maritime data space based on data sovereignty, security, interoperability and modularity of Gaia-X. It provides new ways in maritime big data processing and analysis of sensor data across Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing.

Concrete Use Cases relevant for Industry and Society

Marispace-X is developed based on four concrete use cases that leverage upscaled storage, processing and analysis of maritime data.

image card Internet of Underwater Things

Internet of Underwater Things

Data-driven underwater technologies and sensor networks are the lifeline of the flourishing digitized Blue Economy of the future.

This use case aims to enable sensor technology to capture a digital twin of the underwater world in real time and develop Gaia-X compatible structures around data acquisition and processing (from edge to cloud). This is done through a feasibility study based on the Ocean Technology Campus of Fraunhofer IGD and through experimentally advancing the Internet of Underwater Things by creating a Gaia-X compliant data environment.

image card Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Offshore wind farms are a key to NetZero- Marispace-X develops solutions for collaborative data collection, management, and smart asset handling.

This use case’s goal is to develop data-driven applications and generate trustworthy data spaces for collaboration and efficiency gains of offshore wind farms by collaborative development of tools to map the entire process chain in the collection and analysis of data and by enabling end-users to store, manage and analyze data over the full lifetime of projects (25 years +).

image card Munition in the Sea

Munition in the Sea

German waters alone contain over 1.5 million tons of old munitions - new smart ways of data analysis and management to tackle the problem are needed.

The use case aims for realizing significant improvements in the analysis and management of data for munitions recovery through new developments in cloud, edge, and fog computing. This includes the transfer of novel intelligent analytics into a secure and scalable cloud environment as well as Gaia-X compliant implementation of federated identity and trust services for the security-critical ordnance domain.

image card Biological Climate Protection

Biological Climate Protection

Ocean plants have high CO2 storage capacities - the use case is intended to provide a basis for determining and optimizing the CO2 savings potential of macrophytes.

The goals of the use case are to identify, quantify and optimize the potentials of using CO2 storage capacities of the oceans in the fight against climate change. This is done by establishing novel analysis methods of sensor fusion of optical satellite remote sensing data and underwater acoustic data and through the development of AI-based predictors of optimal macrophyte settlement areas.

The Vision of Marispace-X

image item Rainer Sträter

“A successful implementation of the Marispace-X project promises many things for the Blue Economy. Even as data volumes continue to grow, the Gaia-X-compliant solutions are scalable and ensure data sharing and management as well as decentralised storage of information. Marispace-X can become a beacon for the development of a digital ecosystem within Gaia-X.”

Rainer Sträter

Head of Global Platform Hosting & IONOS Representative at Gaia-X


Marispace-X Project Lead

image item Jann Wendt

„Marispace-X is the key maritime digitalization project in Europe with a focus on industrial applications. Together with all partners we want to create a ‚shared virtual space‘ for all available maritime data for the first time and thus enable new business models always against the background of defined federated services and European values. This will make a significant contribution to the development of the Blue Economy.”

Jann Wendt

CEO of North.io

Marispace-X Project Coordinator

Value proposition and applications of Marispace-X

Marispace-X will significantly accelerate the digitalization of the Blue Economy.

Tangible upsides for users

Efficiency increases and cost reductions in data driven processes

No vendor lock-ins

Compliance with data protection and information security requirements

Cross-industry bundling and data availability by sharing

Using economies of scale by cloud technologies across applications and sectors in the maritime domain

Wider social and economic benefits

Contribution to EU goals: digital sovereignty and sustainability

Accelerating the growth and digitization of the European Blue Economy

Development of new digital business models (e.g. federated algorithms/federated AI)

Transfer of knowledge from science to industry

Creation of future-oriented high-tech jobs


The Marispace-X consortia consist of nine Partners, 25 Associated Partners and ten Maritime Stakeholders. The project is led by IONOS SE and coordinated by north.io GmbH. The project is open for further associated partners, who would like to contribute to Marispace-X.

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